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Board of Governors

2018 Board of Governors


Carrie Waite

Vice President

Erik Hahmann


Evelyn Rosetti


Sabrina Hughes


Kerry Bailey
Laura Duvekot
Alyson Taylor

The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club is a nonprofit recreational club (501c7). Since 1924, the club has been run by the Board of Governors.

A Board of Governors term runs annually from January to December, with an election held each December. Per our bylaws, a club member can run for a board position once they have been a club member for two years. A member must sit on the Board for one full year before they can run for President.

We encourage all club members to get involved! If you haven't been a club member long enough to run for a position on the board, please consider volunteering. We have many volunteer needs: teaching people to play on Friday nights, court maintenance and clean up days, and getting involved with our events or membership committees.

Club members are welcome to attend the monthly board meetings. They are held the second Tuesday of the month at the club at 7 PM. During the summer months they are held offsite.

Henry Peterson, former club president